AMST Associate Instructorships 2011-2012

The American Studies program anticipates making five Associate Instructorship appointments for the academic year 2011-2012. Students will assist faculty in the instruction of A100, “What is America?” or A150, “Introduction to Native American & Indigenous Studies.” Assistance will include grading and the leadership of discussion sections.

The stipend for this appointment is expected to be $13,500. Note that this does not include a fee remission. Students must be at the G901 level in order to take this appointment.

Any qualified student may apply, but preference will be given to students enrolled in the AMST combined PhD, the AMST doctoral minor, and the NAIS doctoral minor. Students who AI for American Studies during the regular academic year will receive priority when it comes time to assign summer teaching.

A letter or email expressing interest – along with a prospective syllabi for a focused topics class that could be taught in the summer – should be sent to the program by March 1, 2011.

For Additional Information:  E-mail:

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