Victorian Studies Editorial Assistantships for 2012-2013- Deadline: February 23, 2012

Victorian Studies invites applications for the positions of assistant Managing Editor and assistant Book Review Editor to begin 1 August 2012. Applicants will automatically be considered for both positions unless they note otherwise.

The assistant Managing Editor works with the Managing Editor, corresponds with scholars in the field of Victorian Studies via post and e-mail, makes minor updates to the VS website, and edits manuscripts. He or she also has primary responsibility for overseeing the process of manuscript evaluation, including correspondence with outside referees regarding submitted essays.

The assistant Book Review Editor works with the Book Review Editor to commission and edit book reviews and review essays for publication in the journal. Both positions require intensive record-keeping, as well as strict attention to details.

After one year, the assistant Managing Editor ordinarily succeeds to the position of Managing Editor and the assistant Book Review Editor to the position of Book Review Editor. Applicants should therefore expect to be in residence from 2012-2014.

Graduate students gain one extra year of financial support overall by taking a position at VS. Here’s how that works: VS editors are given two years of employment, and departments typically allow students, before forfeiting any time off their contracts, to put their teaching contracts on hold for one year to take another form of graduate student employment. In the English department, for example, graduate students who take the editorial assistantship forfeit one year of their teaching contracts but gain two years of support through the assistantship, which means that they come out with one extra year of support overall.

The assistant Managing Editor and Book Review Editor must be enrolled, through a department, in the Graduate School of Indiana University. A familiarity with the Victorian period and teaching or editing experience are strongly preferred. (Most of our successful applicants, historically, have been those whose scholarly work and interests focused on some aspect of nineteenth-century British culture.) Prior administrative experience is also helpful. Successful candidates have, in the past, completed coursework toward the PhD and have taken, or are about to take, qualifying exams. Both assistantships are half-time positions, with contracts beginning around 1 August.

Application forms are available from the Victorian Studies office in Ballantine Hall 338 (open M-R 9:00-1:00), or you may write to us to request an electronic copy ( Applications should be returned with a full graduate academic transcript, a brief CV, a writing sample (reflecting current research), and a letter of recommendation. Candidates should accompany their applications with a 1-2 page letter outlining their academic experience and indicating the relevance of Victorian Studies and the assistantship to their graduate work and future plans. Those who have previously applied for an editorial position at VS may reapply simply by indicating that they wish to reactivate their files, and by adding additional supporting materials. Completed applications must be received in the VS office by 23 February 2012; they may be returned via post or dropped off in the VS office during regular working hours. Candidates should note that a personal interview has been an important factor in the selection process.

If you are planning to apply, please consider sending us an email at to let us know. It’s helpful for us to have a sense of how many applications we may receive prior to the due date.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the assistantships–even if you’re interested in applying in a future year–we will be holding an informational meeting/Q&A session on Monday, February 13 at 12:00 in our office, Ballantine 338. Feel free to stop by! If you have any other questions, you can email us at

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