The Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center (IAUNRC) has an opening for a position of a Webmaster/Web Designer.

In addition to a tuition waiver (12 credits per semester and 6 credits for summer), GAs receive a stipend of approximately $13,000 paid in ten installments during the academic year. GAs are expected to work 20 hours per week.

To be eligible for the GA position applicants must be enrolled full-time in the College of Arts and Sciences or in a formal joint-degree program between the COAS and another school during the academic year.

The Webmaster/Web Design GA holds primary responsibility for maintaining the IAUNRC website at , and will also be responsible for maintaining the MS Access and MySQL database of the Center’s substantial collection of cultural artifacts and multimedia resources.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Access
    • Understanding of interacting with a remote server
      • Terminal access through programs like PuTTY
      • Using FTP software, such as WinSCP
      • Familiarity with languages used in web design
        • HTML
        • CSS
        • Understanding of Adobe Creative Suite Programs
          • Photoshop – image manipulation
          • InDesign – design of print material
          • Illustrator – manipulation of vector images
          • Dreamweaver – one way through which the website is manipulated
          • Familiarity with audio editing programs for podcast design
            • Adobe Audition or Audacity
            • High proficiency in Excel
              • Familiar with Excel functions
              • High proficiency in Access
                • Familiar with how to manipulate Access databases through the backend, particularly through use of SQL
                • Knowledge of web standards
                  • Familiar with HTML5 specifications
                  • Familiar with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
                  • Familiar with CSS3 modules and newer features made possible by CSS3
                  • Knowledge of PHP – website’s content management system is written in PHP
                  • Knowledge of SQL – website relies on MySQL database
                  • Familiarity/previous experience with using content management systems
                    • Experience with Drupal highly desired, site runs on Drupal
                    • Experience with other CMS’, such as WordPress or Joomla, also will make a candidate very competitive
                    • Expertise/previous experience in graphic design

Desired Skills

The ideal candidate will be flexible, hard-working, with strong organizational skills. Familiarity with the peoples and regions of Central Eurasia is highly desirable. Although each of the Center GAs holds primary responsibility for one area (Outreach, Web Design, Newsletter), all of them perform outreach activities.

Application materials can be downloaded here. The deadline for submitting the applications is May 4, 2012. Please submit your application to

Please note that IAUNRC’s ability to fund the positions is contingent on receipt of necessary funding from the US Department of Education.

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