NSF IGERT Graduate Program- Genetic Pest Management, Conservation Biology & Ecology- Deadline: January 2013


We are currently recruiting students for our fall, 2013 student cohort. We have support from the National Science Foundation to recruit approximately six PhD students per year to start in fall 2012, 2013, and 2014, and six students in our fall, 2012 cohort are already engaged in our program. We seek students who have skills in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Our students will work together in a cohort that crosses disciplinary boundaries to address emerging issues in Genetic Pest Management. We would like to encourage applications from students who share our vision for graduate education (see “About” section).


Stipends are provided through the IGERT grant for a student’s first two or three years. In subsequent years students are paid through faculty research assistantships (RAs) or teaching assistantships (TAs). The IGERT stipend is $30,000 per year. The RA and TA stipends will match those of the specific graduate program in which a student enrolls. The IGERT funding will also support some international research projects conducted by students. Students supported by NSF must be US citizens or have official US resident status.

How to apply

We are now recruiting for our fall, 2013 student cohort. Applications are due for the IGERT fellowship on January 31st, 2013, but contact us to let us know your intent to apply by January 15th, 2013. (Note that there are separate deadlines for admission to each of the participating departments).

Before you apply to our program we encourage you to contact us at GES_GPM@ncsu.edu to inquire about any specific questions that you have about the program.  Applying for a Fellowship in Genetic Pest Management requires two steps.

Step 1:

At any time, but prior to Jan. 31, 2013, please send an email to GES_GPM@ncsu.edu that includes:

  1. A statement about your interest in becoming a Fellow in our IGERT program (1 page max)
  2. A description of one published interdisciplinary study that you find inspiring, or a description of what you would consider an exciting thesis project on a topic unrelated to projects already underway by NCSU faculty (1 page max)
  3. Your curriculum vitae (CV), including GRE scores

Although we will not formally evaluate applications until January 31, earlier completion of Step 1 is recommended so we can help match applicants with potential faculty advisers and departments.

Step 2:

Apply to a specific Graduate Program through the NCSU Graduate School’s on-line application system (or see here for more information). You can only apply directly to one graduate program (for a single fee) but if you find that two of our graduate programs fit your interests, we can forward your application to a second program upon request. You are encouraged to contact one or more prospective mentors from our IGERT Faculty.

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