About Graduate Assistantships at IUB

We post announcements of available assistantships on our web page and include all the positions we know about here: http://www.indiana.edu/~gradgrnt/category/saa-vacancies/. The SAA vacancies page is not a comprehensive list of graduate assistantships on campus, but it gives a good idea of the kinds of SAA positions available at IU. As deadlines pass for specific SAA positions, this list becomes an archive of previously advertised positions, some of which will become available again in subsequent years. Even if you see that the deadline for a particular position has passed, keep the opportunity in mind: many SAA positions are reappointed annually or as students move on and you may be able to apply for the position the next time it is available.

Student Academic Appointments (SAA) are a primary source of funding for many graduate students, and they make graduate students an integral part of the university’s teaching and research missions. Graduate assistantships can offer invaluable professional development that would not otherwise be part of a student’s course of study. Most SAA positions range from 25% (10 hours/week) to 50% (20 hours/week) appointments, and some (but not all) include full or partial fee remissions and health insurance. Appointments can last for one semester, the academic year, or 12 months. International students are generally eligible to work on campus as graduate assistants. Be sure to verify the terms of any appointments you apply for.

Some departments guarantee a certain number of semesters of assistantship support as part of admission and funding contracts; some departments have a competitive application process each year. In general, departments with graduate programs are unlikely to hire students from other departments unless a position requires specialized skills or experience (or if they don’t have enough graduate students to fill all of their positions). Note, some SAA positions fall outside the formal departmental application process for teaching assistantships, so if you have exhausted your department’s regular offerings and are still looking for an assistantship, there is hope! It just takes a bit of research to locate the positions.

Many assistantships are assigned in the spring semester for the following academic year (so early spring is a good time to start asking around), but positions may become available at any time. Sometimes there are shifts in SAA appointments as students receive other funding, departments adjust their budgets, and courses are added or removed from the schedule, so it’s a good idea to check in with departments around mid-summer to see if any positions have become available.

Your first resource should always be your own department, but remember that you can also apply for assistantships in other departments/offices on campus. Most academic units reserve SAA positions for their own students, but programs and administrative offices that do not grant degrees often hire graduate students, from any department, to perform academic support, administrative, and technical kinds of work. The list of past SAA vacancies on our site will give you an idea of the kinds of places to look. Find out if any professors in your department have external funding (for editing a journal or conducting a research project, for example) that provides for graduate assistants—these positions are sometimes filled separately from departments’ regular teaching assistantships. Area studies programs, libraries and archives, and centers are other places to inquire about SAA positions.

Make sure you are on the e-mail lists of any offices likely to announce assistantships that you would be interested in. We do the best we can to post positions when we hear about them, but since most SAA positions are announced through local channels (or not at all), you really have to get out there and ask everywhere you can think of (and ask to be added to those lists). Ask administrative staff and advanced graduate students as well as faculty in your program whether they know of any assistantships that may be available. It’s a bit of work, we know, but the proverbial “hit the pavement” approach does pay off.

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Offices that have advertised multiple graduate assistantship positions in recent years:

African American Arts Institute

Residential Programs and Services

Global Village Living-Learning Center

Graduate and Professional Student Government (Staff)