Incoming Graduate Students

Congratulations on being accepted to your program at Indiana University!

Our office helps IU graduate students in their quest for funding to support all stages and aspects of graduate study. Our primary activity is meeting one-on-one with graduate students for in-depth consultations on drafts of grant and fellowship applications. We give feedback on all kinds of funding proposals, whether you’re brainstorming, tweaking your arguments, or trying to get in under the word limit, and we can help you develop strategies for tailoring your proposals to various granting agencies and audiences. We also conduct workshops for groups and classes on a variety of funding-related topics, from strategies for using our funding databases to in-depth proposal evaluation sessions–all designed to help IU grad students win external awards. So once you are enrolled and have an IU email address, we can help you look for grants to apply for and give you feedback and support on drafts of your applications. When you get to campus, call or email us to schedule an appointment. Please note: the fall is a very busy season for fellowship applications (lots of deadlines!), so it is a good idea to contact us at least a week ahead of when you would like to come in for an appointment.

In the meantime, you are welcome to use the resources on our website. The databases require an IU login, so that will have to wait until you have an e-mail address, but everything else is already available to you; see especially the information about finding graduate assistantships at IUB, the list of advertised assistantship vacancies, and the list of fellowship announcements.

We strongly recommend that you attend one of our workshops in your first year of graduate study at IU. One of the comments we hear regularly from students we work with is, “I wish I had known about this two years ago.” Because deadlines for funding opportunities can be 8 to 12 months before the funding is disbursed, the earlier you know about opportunities, the better prepared you’ll be to write competitive proposals. And there’s nothing worse than finding out about the perfect fellowship two weeks after the deadline. Our workshops–particularly our Orientation sessions at the beginning of fall semester, and the Database workshops–will give you the resources you’ll need to take advantage of the many funding possibilities open to IU grad students.

Once you are enrolled, you will be able to access the funding databases on our web page, and we’ll be happy to help you with database searches, as well.

Grantwriting is not always taught explicitly in graduate programs, but it pays (literally!) to develop grantwriting skills as an integral part of your professional development. We’re here to guide you through that process.

Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you!