Call for Applications: FLAS fellowship is now live!

FLAS applications now open for undergraduate and graduate students

Are you interested in studying less commonly taught languages and cultures? Hamilton Lugar centers are now accepting applications for Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships for Summer 2019 and Academic Year 2019-20!

FLAS fellowships* include generous stipend and tuition awards for graduate and undergraduate students. Deadline: February 3, 2019

FLAS Awards: Summer 2019

$2,500 stipend
$5,000 maximum tuition award

FLAS Awards: Academic Year 2019-20
Undergraduate students

$5,000 stipend
$10,000 maximum tuition award

Graduate students

$15,000 stipend
$18,000 maximum tuition award (max 12 credit hours)
Enrollment in graduate student health insurance plan

Want to learn more?
Attend the FLAS information session immediately after winter break.

Day: Wednesday, January 9
Time: 4–5pm
Location: Shreve Auditorium

* FLAS fellowships are funded by the United States Department of Education and are intended to promote the training of students who plan to make their careers in college or university teaching, government service, or other employment where knowledge of foreign languages and cultures is a prerequisite for success. FLAS awards are only available to US citizens.

Apply now:




Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies
355 North Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405-1105

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