Applying for Federal Awards through ORA

Funding applications to a number of federal agencies must be submitted through the Office of Research Administration (ORA) at Indiana University rather than directly to the granting agency. Applications to NSF and NIH, for example, must be routed through ORA. For those awards, you may not be able to initiate an application until you contact ORA, and that office may have earlier deadlines and additional requirements, so contact them well in advance of any posted deadlines.

If you are planning to submit a proposal to a specific grant program, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Program to which you are applying (name and/or solicitation number)
  • Deadline
  • Department
  • Degree type and year received (most recent degree completed)
  • Phone number (of your academic department)
  • Fax (of your academic department)
  • E-mail address (your IU e-mail account)
  • Faculty sponsor name (your advisor)
  • A draft Excel budget

A Grant Consultant from the Office of Research Administration will then provide a budget review and guide you through the submission process. The ORA Grant Consultant will submit your proposal once it is ready. For more details on the submission process for federal awards, contact ORA:

If you’re applying for a NSF DDIG or DDRIG, see the Office of Research Administration’s ORA Tips for Submitting NSF DDIG/DDRIG Proposals

And as always, for assistance and peer-feedback on a draft of your funding proposal, make an appointment at the GradGrants Center: