(IUB) Graduate live-in-advisor, Beta Sigma Psi—Omega Chapter

Title: Graduate live-in-advisor

Reports to: House Corporation Board and Alumni Board

Summary:  The graduate live-in-advisor for Beta Sigma Psi—Omega Chapter facilitates in bettering the safety and health of the chapter, knowing and communicating house maintenance, housekeeping, and food service; create a home-like atmosphere; assist in the broad risk strategies; and act as a mentor and advisor for the entire chapter brotherhood. The live-in-advisor helps direct messaging channels between alumni, the executive board, the entire chapter, Indiana University Office of Student Life and Learning, and Indiana University Office of Student Conduct. The chosen live-in-advisor will act as a guide and colleague for the entire active and Alumni chapter.


The chosen student does not need prior Greek-life experience or active brother status with Beta Sigma Psi. The chosen student also does not need enrollment in education focused post-bachelor degree. Moreover, strong leadership skills and effective communication skills are highly valued.


The chosen graduate student will receive a private room suite occupancy and meal plan for administrative assistance.


The duties and responsibilities below are a general outline and not to be considered inclusive. The Graduate live-in-advisor shall report to the House Corporation Board and contact the appropriate officer with any questions about the policies, regulations or expectations. The Graduate live in advisor may from time to time request other reasonable duties to be performed as the need dictates.

Safety and Health:

  1. Work to develop and maintain a safety-consciousness working and living environment with Chapter members.
  2. Be familiar with local fire code requirements and other emergency procedures and maintain a list of emergency contacts including the University and city/county police, fire, medical and counseling services in a convenient location.
  3. Promptly report to the House Corporation and Property Management Company representative any problems with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarm system or any other security or safety risk, including fire hazards.
  4. Ensure the house is safe and locked securely, fire escapes are secure, security guards are trained and in place and trained (where applicable) and that entrances and hallways are unobstructed at all times.
  5. Pay close attention to house needs in the terms of safety and structure of the house.
  6. Know the Organization’s protocol for responding to critical incidents.
  7. Become familiar with and oversee compliance with student safety protocol required or recommended by the University/College, such as those outlined in resources provided by the University’s Student Counseling Center, the Office of the Dean of Students, and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

House Maintenance/Housekeeping:

  1. Become knowledgeable about the house, furnishings, equipment, and grounds.
  2. Supervise all repairs to and maintenance of the house and its furnishings, equipment, and grounds to ensure that such repairs and maintenance are completed in accordance with standards and guidelines.
  3. Promptly report any mechanical failures, required repairs, and equipment needs to the the maintenance person.
  4. Participate in the minor repairs, maintenance, and upkeep of the house as would normally be expected of any tenant, including running certain errands as may be needed.
  5. Confer regularly with the House Manager and/or House Committee to exchange ideas and recommendations on house operations including house maintenance responsibilities of the chapter and safety procedures.
  6. Ensure the standards of housekeeping are followed and encourage careful upkeep of the house and property, with an emphasis on the public areas of the house and grounds.
  7. Provide prompt notification to the House Corporation and the maintenance person when items are found missing or in need of repair.

Food Service Management:

  1. In partnership with the House Manager and Cook (or kitchen management representative) supervise the planning of meals that are varied, appetizing, of good quality and nutritional value while maintaining costs within an allotted budget. Ensure the use of fresh vegetables and fruits when possible. Have the chef post menus on a weekly or bi weekly basis as appropriate.
  2. Manage the security of the kitchen, equipment, and food items. Supervise residents who require access to the kitchen (or ensure they are escorted by the Cook). Ensure the kitchen (i.e. – areas with stove) is locked following the noon and evening meals and unlocked for breakfast.
  3. Communicate with Cook or kitchen management team to maintain the kitchen.

Opening and Closing of Chapter House:

  1. Coordinate and supervise preparation of the house for opening at the beginning of the school year and after relevant school year breaks. Refer to the guidelines provided by the chapter.
  2. Check all rooms before Chapter members take possession and complete a damage/cleaning survey sheet for each room. Review with each occupant, at time of move in, and obtain her signature.
  3. Be present at the house on each opening day to greet students and parents and provide assistance as needed.
  4. Coordinate and supervise the preparation of the house for closing prior to all school year breaks during which the house is scheduled to close and at the end of the school year. Refer to the guidelines provided by the Property Management Company.
  5. With the collegiate House Manager, recheck each room at the end of each semester, and complete a damage/cleaning survey. Review with each occupant and obtain her signature. Send survey sheets to the Property Management Company and House Corporation at the end of each semester.
  6. Be present at the house on closing days to provide assistance as may be required. Without exception, the Graduate live-in-advisor is to be the last person to leave the house and lock up.
  7. Maintain a set of keys and or access codes to all doors.

Home-like Atmosphere:

  1. Be responsible for creating a pleasant home-like atmosphere, maintaining standards of good taste and cooperating in every way to promote the welfare of Chapter members both in residence and living elsewhere.
  2. Become familiar with campus and community health, safety and welfare services and resources available to members for professional help or guidance.
  3. Promote the use of good manners and proper etiquette not only by example, but through frequent, informal discussions on these and related topics with the general membership.
  4. Maintain in strict confidence the workings of the Chapter and Fraternity as well as their social and financial affairs and those of the members.
  5. Eat at least one meal a day with the residents, encouraging a friendly and engaging atmosphere.

Social Functions:

  1. Assist the Collegiate Property (House) Manager or other appropriate Chapter officer, as requested, in the planning of social functions to be held at the Chapter house.
  2. Attend social functions at the Chapter House as requested by the Chapter or Alumni Advisory Committee.
  3. Be present during formal recruitment week and other recruitment functions for formal introductions to potential new members.
  4. Meet and welcome guests to the house, including parents, alumni and volunteers.

Alcohol, Smoking and Social Conduct:

  1. Be knowledgeable of all local house rules as well as the chapter and University policies on alcohol, drugs, visitation and social conduct. Observe and comply with the same.
  2. Illegal and illicit drugs are not allowed on the property at any time.
  3. Violations of these rules shall be documented and reported immediately to the Chapter Adviser and House Corporation as appropriate.
  4. The Graduate live-in-advisor shall at all times set the best possible example for the Chapter members.
  5. Work in partnership with the House Corporation and chapter leadership when performing room searches and seizure of prohibited items.

General Guidelines:

  1. The Graduate live-in-advisor must be available to Chapter members. During these hours, the Graduate live-in-advisor is expected to be available and welcoming to Chapter members.
  2. When the Graduate live-in-advisor leaves the Chapter House for an extended period of time, they should provide the telephone number and location of her whereabouts so he/she could be reached in the event of an emergency situation.
  3. The Graduate live-in-advisor shall not have the authority to enter into any contracts for goods or services on behalf of the Chapter or Corporation.
  4. Provide guidance and advice to the chapter
  5. Attend chapter and executive meetings as much as possible
  6. Advise chapter officers
  7. Meet regularly with the chapter president and other officers to discuss important chapter issues
  8. Actively communicate with chapter members, SLL staff, and inter/national headquarters as required
  9. Read and understand the IU Greek Agreement to support the chapter’s adherence to their Agreement
  10. Be familiar with the IU Student Code for yourself and the assistance and advising of brothers in the house.

The House Corporation is committed to reviewing their policies and procedures on a regular basis.  Accordingly, the policies, procedures, and duties outlined in this job description are subject to review and change at any time without notice. No communication or practice shall be construed to limit the reasons or procedures for termination or modification of the employment relationship.


To Apply: If students are interested, please send resumes and a brief reason for interest to shaffer.dill95@gmail.com and jtburns93@gmail.com.

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