Search the Databases

The GradGrants Center provides access to three leading databases with up-to-date information about funding opportunities relevant to graduate students in all disciplines. Pivot and IRIS are accessible to all Indiana University students. We recommend using the Advanced Search options for both, and both sites have relevant support materials/help pages. Contact our office if you’d like help getting better search results.

COS Pivot (formerly COS)
–funding opportunities in all disciplines
To use many of Pivot’s features, you must create an account using your IU e-mail address.

Check out Pivot’s free series of webinars here. Some are recorded, but new ones are hosted frequently.

Also, learn more about COS Pivot here.


GrantForward (formerly IRIS)
–funding opportunities in all disciplines
GrantForward uses web-based text searches to identify potential funding opportunties. The resulting database is not curated by human beings, meaning that the funding opportunities are not categorized or tagged by knowledgeable staff (which used to be done by IRIS staff), and searches work differently than they did in IRIS. This means that even though the IRIS “Categories” are available in the search form, they will only lead to funding opportunties that were entered when the database was administered by IRIS; opportunities that have been added since July 1, 2012 are not categorized and will not appear in the results if you search using categories. As of August 2012, Category searches still produce helpful results, but they will become increasingly less helpful as the deadlines for IRIS-entered awards pass. In the future GrantForward hopes to develop a computer-based method of curation, and we look forward to seeing how effective that might be. In the meanwhile, use this database to take advantage of broad, Google-like text searches.

Note: GrantFoward uses exact-word searches, so you must type possible permutations of your search terms to get more comprehensive results (i.e., search for “global warming” and “climate change”; search for “democracy,” “democracies,” “democratic,” and “democrat”). Boolean and wild-card searches are not currently possible.


GGC staff also have access to a third database, Foundation Grants for Individuals. FGI is especially helpful for students in the performing arts and SPEA. It is also a great place to start searches to fund public-private partnership or community service initiatives. Please e-mail to request a search tailored to your studies/research.

FGI is also available at the Scholars Commons/Reference desks in Wells Library (East and West), in ORA, OVPR (Eigenmann Hall), in the SPEA/Business Library and Career Services and in the Hoosier Room of the Monroe County Public Library. If you’re working on a public-private partnership or seeking to fund projects not directly related to your studies at IU, please consult the reference librarians in the Hoosier Room (MCPL), as they have received special training in seeking community service funding, courtesy of the United Way.