Suomea Suomessa (Finnish in Finland) training programme (3/1 deadline)

Suomea Suomessa (Finnish in Finland) is a training programme for students of Finnish language and culture. The programme has been targeted at foreign students who have Finnish language as a main or secondary subject, and are completing their degrees outside of Finland. The traineeships give them an opportunity to get work experience, to learn about Finnish working culture and to use Finnish in authentic situations.​


Traineeships are intended to students of Finnish language and culture who

  • have a good knowledge of the Finnish language
  • have studied Finnish for at least 2 years

or to recent graduates. In the latter case, the placement should start at the latest within a year after qualification.

The duration of the placement is 1 to 6 months. Most placements are available during the summer.

The trainees can work, for example,

  • in customer service in museums
  • as holiday camp counsellors
  • as assistants in various projects (e.g. summer festivals).

Placements that you can apply for will be found on the Finnish side during the application process.


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