IU Victorian Studies Assistantships Announcement

Victorian Studies invites applications for the positions of Assistant Managing Editor and Assistant Book Review Editor to begin 1 August 2018. Applicants will automatically be considered for both positions unless they note otherwise. JOB DESCRIPTIONS: The Assistant Managing Editor (AME) works with the Managing Editor, corresponds with scholars in the field of Victorian Studies, trains and oversees the undergraduate interns, updates the VS website, and edits manuscripts. The AME also has primary responsibility for manuscript processing, including correspondence with outside referees regarding submitted essays.

The Assistant Book Review Editor (ABRE) works with the Book Review Editor to commission and edit book reviews and review essays for publication in the journal. The ABRE has primary responsibility for exploring recent publications in the field and ordering the books that Victorian Studies will review. The ABRE corresponds daily with scholars in the field.

Both positions require strong writing and editing skills, intensive record keeping, and close attention to detail. Student editors will be expected in the office during regular hours throughout the year, with two weeks of summer vacation and other absences cleared by the faculty editors. Student editors should participate in the Victorian Studies community on campus during their tenure at Victorian Studies.

After one year, the Assistant Managing Editor ordinarily succeeds to the position of Managing Editor and the Assistant Book Review Editor to the position of Book Review Editor. Applicants should therefore expect to be in residence from 2018-2020.

If you have additional questions, we will hold an informational meeting in BH338 on Tuesday, February 6th at 1:30pm. QUALIFICATIONS: The Assistant Managing Editor and Book Review Editor must be enrolled through a department in the Graduate School of Indiana University. A familiarity with the Victorian period and teaching or editing experience are strongly preferred, though not required. Prior

administrative experience is also very helpful. Strong writing skills are a must. Successful candidates have, in the past, completed coursework toward the PhD and have taken, or are about to take, qualifying exams. Both assistantships are half-time positions, with contracts beginning 1 August.

APPLICATIONS: Application forms are available electronically. Please write to victstu@indiana.edu to request an application form. Forms should be returned with a full graduate academic transcript, a brief CV, a writing sample reflecting current research, and a letter of recommendation. Candidates should accompany their applications with a 1-2 page letter outlining their academic experience and indicating the relevance of Victorian Studies and scholarly editing to their graduate work and future plans. Completed applications must be received at victstu@indiana.edu by 22 February, 2018. Letters of recommendation should be sent under separate cover to the Faculty Editors, Rae Greiner (drgreine@indiana.edu) and Monique Morgan (mormorga@indiana.edu). Letters will ideally address academic performance, professional habits, and writing capacity.

A personal interview has been an important factor in the selection process. Interviews for the 2017-2019 positions will include a sample editing component and be held on 1 March 2018.

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