Y669 International Political Economy

(Course No. 28158) -- Fall 2010

Class Meets Tues. 6:30-8:30pm, Woodburn Hall, Room 200

Instructor: Jeffrey Hart

Office: Woodburn Hall 346

Office Hours: Wed 1-2:30pm and by appointment

Phone: 855-9002


Course web site:



The seminar will be divided into two halves. The first half involves discussion of a common core of readings (see the list below). The second half is organized around presentations by seminar participants on journal articles and books on topics of special interest. A longer list of optional readings is available at which may be used to help define these presentations. Each presenter will be responsible for providing one copy of important articles for classroom discussion at least two weeks before his/her presentation.


Grades will be based on a midterm examination (25%), a seminar presentation (25%), and a term paper based on the seminar presentation (50%).


The following books have been ordered for purchase and will be available at the Indiana Memorial Union bookstore:


Andrew Walter and Gautam Sen, Analyzing the Global Political Economy, 2008

Joan Spero and Jeffrey A. Hart, The Politics of International Economic Relations, 7th edition, 2010


Reading List and Course Schedule


Aug. 31

No reading assignment.

Sep. 7

Walter and Sen, ch. 1; Stephen Krasner, "State Power and the Structure of International Trade," World Politics 28 (April 1976), pp. 317-347; Spero and Hart, Intro and ch. 1.

Sep. 14

Walter and Sen, chs. 2-3; Joseph Grieco and John Ikenberry, The Economics of International Trade, in Grieco and Ikenberry, State Power and Markets, ch. 2; Ronald Rogowski, Political Cleavages and Changing Exposure to Trade, American Political Science Review, 81 (December 1987), pp. 1121-1137.

Sep. 21

Walter and Sen, chs.4-5; Spero and Hart, ch. 2.

Sep. 28

Walter and Sen, chs. 6-7; Spero and Hart, ch. 4.

Oct. 5

Spero and Hart, ch. 9.

Oct. 12

Spero and Hart, ch. 10; Thomas G. Rawski, Can China Sustain Rapid Growth Despite Flawed Institutions?, May 2008.

Oct. 19

John G. Ruggie, What Makes the World Hang Together? Neo-Utilitarianism and the Social Constructivist Challenge, International Organization, 52 (Autumn 1998), pp. 855-885; Wayne Sandholtz and Alec Stone Sweet, Law, Politics and International Governance, in Christian Reus-Smit, ed., The Politics of International Law, 2004; Spero and Hart, ch. 11.

Oct. 26

Midterm Examination

Nov. 2

Benjamin J. Cohen, "The Transatlantic Divide: Why Are American and British IPE So Different?," Review of International Political Economy (2007) ; Walter and Sen, ch. 8.

Nov. 9


Nov. 16


Nov. 30


Dec. 7

Conclusion and Seminar Papers are Due