New Years Resolutions

The new year has started, and the feeling of new opportunities and beginnings is in the air. Like most other people, when a new year starts, I always think about all of the new things that I want to start, and all of the things that I SHOULD be doing. Here are my top four new years resolutions:

1) Get lots of work done

2) Get lots of work done

3) Work out (at the gym)

4) Get lots of work done

As you can guess from my list, getting work done is the main thing that I want to make sure to do this year. I am at a point in my graduate student career where I do not have to take any classes, do not have to teach, and can focus mainly on my research. That’s right, I am a free woman, and my time is MINE, to completely devote to my research (and maybe have a little bit of free time to do things other than work). I really have to stay focused, though, because, seeing as I have much more free time than ever before, it is easy to get distracted.

The other things on my top four is to work out.. it is hard sometimes to stay active when your job is to sit at a desk all day and read, write, and have meetings. So, my goal is to get in shape, nothing major, but be physically active to keep healthy.

Other things I want to do:

5) Devote more time to playing music

6) Devote more time to my puppy

7) Start a garden in the spring