Reminiscing about winter break

Sitting here trying to do some work (a few readings that I have to have done by tomorrow), my mind wandered off a little bit to think about my winter break, and how relaxing and good it felt to be in a warm place, with friends and family, and celebrating some very fun holidays. One of the life changing events that happened to me over winter break was the new addition to our family, a beautiful baby that has made me a proud aunt for the very first time, and marks the beginning of a new generation. The cake in the picture was given to the proud mother a couple of days after giving birth. She definitely needed all the pampering she could get, especially after all that work!

I also did very little work, and spent most of my time eating a lot, hanging out with the family, and helping care for the little one. Of course, I am now paying for the fact that I did so little work, but all in all, I don’t regret it, because it was one of the best winter breaks that I have had 🙂
Now.. about those readings…