I Just Realized I am a Doctoral Student

I just realized I am a doctoral student. Although this may sound crazy, it is a new concept to me. My entire life has been preparation for me to be successful in academia and now I am in the in final stretch to accomplishing my dream of being Dr. Tomika. It no longer is scary to me, it just seems exciting, challenging, overwhelming, and other adjectives I can’t think of right now. This ephiphany all started when I began to clean out my Outlook IU email. As I started to delete the thousands of emails I thought I would be unable to live without during my master’s program, I found an email that sparked a research idea. I set up a meeting with a faculty member who I had a class with a few semesters ago and ran the idea by him. He liked it and challenged me to develop the idea even more and to consider a future publication. As a doctoral student, I have the ability to reach out for support and receive it. That is just the kind of university that IU is. It encourages and produces exceptional and groundbreaking scholarship and research in every field. The challenge will be to carve out time in my already crazy, slightly overwhelming schedule to develop this idea more. Yet, I am so excited about the opportunity to potentially generate research related to something that I am very passionate about.