Spring Break: Conferencing and more–Part 1

I initially planned to have a restful, “vegetative” spring break, where I would eat, sleep, and write my dissertation–NOT!

I am currently blogging from the National Council on Black Studies (NCBS) conference, which is being held at the Westin Cincinnati Hotel, downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. After I realized that the conference coincided with my “break” I decided to make the best of it. I took a cool three-hour drive up from Bloomington, Indiana, listening to “oldies” and enjoying the sight and sounds of the Midwest.

Today I chaired a panel and tomorrow I will present my own research for members of the academic community here. Additionally, my family will join me tomorrow and we will visit the Underground Railroad and other historical and cultural exhibits in and around Cincinnati.

Hey, life’s about balance, and when you have a gazillion responsibilities that jostle each other for your attention, you just gotta find a way to balance them. Balance away Jiji! Smile.