John Waldron Arts Center and Cardinal Stage Company

In a recent post, I blogged about the many extraordinary events/performances occurring at either: IU Auditorium or IU Musical Arts Center. This time, I will describe an additional source of fine arts in Bloomington: John Waldron Arts Center and Cardinal Stage Company. The center provides space for theatrical performances, juried gallery exhibitions and classes, whereas the Cardinal Stage Company, founded in 2006, produces a wide range of material, with the goal of “establishing a professional regional theatre in Bloomington”.

Yesterday, I attended a play at the John Waldron Arts Center titled “The Lonesome West” performed by the Cardinal Stage Company. About the play, “set in windswept Connemara in the West of Ireland, celebrated Irish playwright Martin McDonagh’s masterful black comedy features two hilarious bickering brothers whose rivalry knows no bounds”. I cannot remember when the last time I laugh so consistently and enjoyed a comedy as much as I did with this one. The cast was hilarious! They have several performances left and I highly recommend it.

The John Waldron Arts Center and Cardinal Stage Company are two additional examples of the fine entertainment one can find here in Bloomington.

(Photo above taken from Cardinal Stage Company homepage)

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