End of the semester… already?

Time has really flown by this semester. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that winter break was over and the ground was covered in snow. Now we are getting bombarded with April showers, and getting (almost) beautiful spring weather (the reason I say almost is because it is currently 40 degrees outside, which is a little bit annoying).

Because I am no longer taking courses, the end of the semester has taken me by surprise. The only real end-of-semester responsibilities that I have is making sure that my students (three research assistants that are receiving credit for helping me with my research, and a senior honors thesis student) end their semester well. I actually very much enjoy mentoring undergraduates, especially in something that I love to do. Its really good to see how they have grown (and how much I have helped them grow) during the past year that we have worked together. I also like to think that the experience they received by working in the lab) will stick with them through their professional careers, whatever those may be.

So I think for this semester, the actual hard part about wrapping up will be preparing for a productive summer!!