Second Year … DONE!

The spring semester is coming to an end! One presentation and one exam will sealed my second year as a doctoral student at IU. Furthermore, I am really excited to conclude this semester because it marks the fulfillment of all course requirements of my PhD program! Although courses have been fundamental in my development as a student and researcher, I am looking forward to move closer to the “holy grail” for a PhD student: full-time research! This semester I had the opportunity to spend most of the time working on my research projects and it was terrific and very rewarding. There is no substitute to being able to do what one loves every day. However, there is one more hurdle in my PhD journey: Qualifying Examination. Therefore, starting next week, I will focus all my energy on preparing for the Qualifying Examination. The Quals will be in about a month, thus, all fun is postponed until further notice.