Sweet Rewards

Hiking in Brown County

Indiana in the fall is not to be missed!

Maybe it’s a little early in the semester to be talking about rewards, but we all need some motivation to keep us plowing through the readings/papers/meetings/deadlines that are our daily routine. Even the most serious-minded student needs to take a break sometimes, and if you plan little “gifts” for when you get through certain tough spots you’ll be able to have an academic life and a life-life too. Don’t miss out on the sweet things – use them as motivation to keep yourself productive. One thing I never miss out on is enjoying Indiana in the fall – going hiking, picking apples, taking pictures. It’s absolutely lovely here during autumn, and getting outside to experience it boosts my mood. And there are always those other incidental benefits too…

Okay, well maybe it’s not foraging per se, but it’s fun and outdoorsy and you can do it at Anderson Orchards in nearby Mooresville.

P.S. If I seem too carefree it’s because I JUST FINISHED MY QUALIFYING EXAMS! Hooray! I’ll share some more serious advice on quals in an upcoming post.