Some tips on how to secure strong letters of recommendation

– Choose your references wisely. Your references can be your professors, coworkers (with advanced degrees), senior scientists who know you both professionally and personally. Ask them if they free comfortable being your references/writing a letter for you. They have to be ones who you know will speak positively about you and provide solid examples to back up your resume/C.V.

- Be specific in your request on what you would like them to include in the letters. Some examples are your personality, your strong motivation, the projects you have completed that showed your creativity and problem solving skills, and even the extracurricular activities that you have been involved in. Ask them to talk about aspects of your qualifications that they know best about.

– Be courteous and send reminders/thank-you notes and most importantly, let them know if you get admitted into the program. They would be glad to know that they could help.