Thanksgiving Celebration

For 28 years of my life I spent Thanksgiving with my family in Texas at my grandmother’s house. Last year was the first time I EVER spent Thanksgiving away from home. It was a great experience. This year I did the same. I spent it in Tennessee with my significant other, and we went to this wonderful place call SWIRLS.

It is BYOB painting, and I absolutely love it. They provide you with wine glasses, canvas, and paint. Then during the course of about two hours you they take you step by step through a painting. I constructed the master piece below. The whole session was very relaxing… And this brings me to my FREE TIP OF THE DAY.

The tip for today is take time to relax. The pressures of being a grad student often times can leave you feeling as though you can’t take time for yourself, but you have to. If you don’t your body will break down, and then you will have to stop. That’s all I got for today friends… take care (literally).