Adding method to the madness

While browsing around the web recently (a form of procrastination I like to call “research”) I  came across an article that mentioned “lack of structure” as one of the main reasons graduate school is difficult. It was only mentioned in passing, but it really struck me. Having recently finished my coursework, I kinda feel like this:

Floating – which can be fun, but not always very productive. It’s not like this observation is anything new. In fact, I stumbled upon it twice more before my procrastination was done that night. But as grad students, what can we do about it? I don’t have the answer, but here’s something small I’ve started doing –

– programmed the coffee pot to start brewing at 7:00 AM. I’m 100% more likely to get out of bed at a decent hour (especially on those days when I don’t necessarily have to be anywhere) if I can smell/hear the coffee brewing. It might seem silly, but here I am writing a blog post at – what? Oh. It’s after 8 already? It looks like I might have to have another cup of structure to get this morning moving along.

Anyone else have some tips or strategies to share?