Adventures of a Housing Grad

If you tuned in to the Adobe Connect chat last week, I spoke a lot about working in on campus with Residential Programs and Services (RPS).  I thought I would provide more details about what I actually do. In order to enter the HESA program, I needed to have an assistantship.  My assistantship is with RPS as a Graduate Supervisor. I live in one of the residence halls on campus and supervise the Resident Assistants in the building.  I gain a lot of experience working with student leaders and organizations within the building.

Why hold an assistantship? There are two main reasons you should hold an assistantship. First, you gain hands on experience in your field.   Secondly, many of the assistantships pay for some or all of your tuition.  If you haven’t thought about getting an assistantship before, it might be something for you to look into holding.

There are a number of assistantships that are available for HESA and non-HESA students. Here’s the link to the RPS website if you are interested in any of the positions:

Me with my RAs at a February program