Coffee Joints

Soma Coffee House. Photo courtesy of Indiana University.

I drink it every day.  And since I teach an 8AM (and have for the past two years), I end up having at least two cups per day (one to start the morning, one while working, maybe one later in the day…).  Anyway, here are some of the coffee options around Bloomington…in no particular order:

1) Starbucks – you know what that’s like.  Overpriced and a bit yuppie, but I really do like the atmosphere.  And the leather couches are comfy.

2) Soma – I think Blackbeard’s Blend is the strongest dark roast I’ve ever had.  It’s the only coffee that still gives me the shakes.  Also, their vegan decadence cookies are amazing (dipped in coffee?).

3) Scholar’s Inn – Downtown coffee shop with really good granola pancakes. They usually have a few varieties, most of which are reasonable. I like Highway 57 and the Scholar’s Inn Breakfast Blend.  Lots of families come here, so it can get noisy, but there are also plenty of tables/booths for working.

4) The Runcible Spoon – Very charming.  Cluttered bookshelves (you can pick something to read while sipping your coffee) and excellent Sunday breakfasts. A patio outside for the summer months.  Specialty drinks are really good, especially anything with maple.  Plus it’s named after my favorite nursury rhyme.

5) The Copper Cup – There are two locations — downtown and near the Jordan School of Music.  I frequent the latter and have done so for a while now.  Fairly inexpensive coffee and nice people serving it.  Good selection of teas as well.

6) City Cafe – For some reason, I really really LOVE their City Blend.  Hazelnut’s not bad either.  Tiny little store, but great stuff (including huge cinnamon rolls).

7) The Pour House Cafe – Quiet place to study.  Lots of Fair Trade merchandise, and–randomly–a gelato selection.  Sometimes they host an open mike night.  I like the Highland Grog.  It mostly tastes like caramel and a ton of sugar, which is probably why I like it.