Get ‘er done

I know we emissaries are supposed to provide helpful advice and info for prospective students, but I can’t help sharing this resource for people who are already on their way through grad school and who have arrived at that last hill to climb – the dissertation. So if you are just applying to grad school, consider this advice for the future. You may want to tuck it away somewhere until the day you will need it.

The resource I’m referring to is PhinisheD – an online forum for graduate students struggling through dissertation writing.

Get it? Ph inishe D? Clever, eh? I just joined up yesterday, and already I can see what a wonderful gift this can be for students who need some encourage, praise, ideas, and general moral support. You have to set up an account to read the boards, but there you can read and contribute to some interesting discussions. For example, right now these threads are at the top of the list:

  • What’s the right way to nag my advisor?
  • IRB approval?
  • Returning to academia
  • Anyone have access to this article?

And yes, someone responded with the needed article almost immediately. How amazing is that!? Perhaps even better than our own fabulous inter-library loan system. I was really happy to discover this site, not only because it’s a great resource, but because it reminded me of something important. No matter how tough grad school may be, we’re all in this together. And what’s more, people finish every day, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re PhinisheD too!