Graduate Recruitment Day…Good for Current Students too!

As a current student, I always look forward to graduate student recruitment day. My department gives me a chance to partake in some of the events. Not only do I get to hear about the awesome projects of a lot of up and coming, bright, future grad students, I get to also practice my five minute spill of my work (helps me sharpen my “big picture” skills). In addition to these wonderful benefits, I get FREE food (and as a grad student, this is a big plus!!!!)

For lunch we went to the Tudor room at the IMU (here’s a link, they have such good food!!! This evening a potluck has been organized by the faculty in my specific program, and I will get to enjoy more free food, a glass of wine, and get to hang with people in my program and the prospective students.

If you are doing interviews right now, don’t worry, soon you will be on the other end, and you will be able to enjoy this process without the anxiety 🙂