Finding a Faculty Mentor

What’s up team? My semester has kicked into high gear; but in the midst of chaos, I wanted to take a few moments to discuss a topic that is very important. The topic is finding a faculty mentor. Now let me say first that the procedure may vary slightly depending on your discipline, but there are some common themes that transcend your discipline. So I will share my story and then of course leave you with your fabulous FREE TIP OF THE DAY.

Let me begin by saying that you should already have a couple of mentors in your life, without them it will be very difficult to navigate the grad school process. For me I knew that I wanted to pursue a PhD in Higher Education and Student Affairs. The first thing I did was ask my mentor what are the good programs and what do I need to do to apply. He gave me a list of schools to research and somethings to look for in any program that I was considering. The process was several months longs; we went back and forth discussing the merits of each program.

Finally I ended up at IU… Currently I’m in the process of picking a mentor, and this leads me to my FREE TIP OF THE DAY. Pick a mentor as soon as possible. The easiest thing to do is talk with a faculty member who either shares your research interest or is doing work that you may be interested in doing as well. Remember that they are human and they enjoy and appreciate students that have a genuine interest in their work. HAPPY HUNTING!