IU Basketball

I realized that no one has really talked about the phenomenon that is our Indiana University Men’s Basketball team! This year has been really exciting for the Hoosiers! Coming off a few not-so-exciting seasons, this year has definitely been full of excitement!  As a graduate student, you have the opportunity to buy season tickets to the basketball games or you can buy general admission tickets.  I didn’t realize until this year that you didn’t have to buy season tickets to go to the games.  I’m glad I figured it out this year so I could go to my first game! I had a blast at the game.  I couldn’t get enough of singing our fight song and cheering for the team until my voice was hoarse.  If you have never been to a college sports game, I highly recommend it! They are always super fun and there is a great sense of school spirit and camaraderie that is unexplainable.  Check out the inside of assembly hall:

An Inside View of Assembly Hall