Putting the “F-U-N” back in Funding

What’s up friends! My fellow bloggers have provided several great resources on finding funding. My always magnanimous FREE TIP OF THE DAY will not rehash what’s already been said by my wonderful emissary pals, but rather it will be a single piece of common sense advice. So without any more un-necessary build up here is the FREE TIP OF THE DAY

The tip of the day is ask around, a close mouth doesn’t get feed. Talk with as many people as you can about opportunities for funding. That is actually how I got my assistantship at the Center for Urban and Multicultural Education (CUME). I let faculty in my department know my interest centered around issues in urban education and they connected me with the CUME.  I think Claire’s advice is right on. Do not get discourage keep your head up and stay on the academic grind. Eventually things will work out in your favor.