‘Tis the Season to Find a Job!

Job searching in Student Affairs is well underway! The spring is a popular time for students graduating in Student Affairs programs across the country to find a job.  It is a time of madness, interviews, campus visits, cover letter writing and resume building.  It can also be an extremely stressful time of the year since you are searching for jobs while trying to be a student at the same time.

I am currently going through this process of finding a professional job in Student Affairs.  So many questions arise…How do I write a cover letter? How long should my resume be? What’s the best fit for me? Where do I apply for jobs? What should I expect during an interview?  So, how do I even know where to start? In class, we frequently discuss our non-negotiables for jobs, meaning what can we absolutely no live without? While some of my non-negotiables are top secret 😉 I’m willing to share one of mine: location.

For me, being able to drive home is a non-negotiable. My experience at IU has been WONDERFUL, but I frequently wish I could drive home for a weekend and be back by Monday.  Knowing that I am starting my career in this profession, it is important to me to have a network of support in close range.  This is why I am primarily looking for jobs in one particular region of the country, so I am able to be within 9-10 hours of driving home.

My point being, when you are searching for a job, you need to figure out the most important aspects of an institution, company, or whatever type of job you are looking to do. Find three non-negotiables and stick to them.   My professor always says “There is no such thing as a perfect institution!” She is absolutely right. What are some things you can live with and without?  Once you figure out your non-negotiables, I believe your job search process will become a lot easier and everything will fall into place. If you are searching for a job right now, good luck!!