Bloomington for Doggy Owners

Have a dog and wondering if they will like Bloomington? Well, you are in luck, because Bloomington is a wonderful place for students who are doggy owners. To house your pet, there are multiple housing options that allow dogs (and other pets) for an additional fee. There are lots of beautiful places to go for walks, like the B-line trail that goes through downtown, at IU through campus, or at Bryan Park, where lots of families and doggy owners hang out. Griffy Lake Nature Preserve to the north of town has lots of wonderful hiking trails, and even its own unofficial dog park. Of course, if you are interested in an official dog park, Karst Farm Dog Park, on the southwest side of town, is really great too! The Hoosier National Forest and Lake Monroe also offer lots of trails for hiking with your furry friend. You are also very likely to see many dog owners with their companions just strolling through downtown on any given day. What about your pet needs? There are a couple of local pet stores in town, as well as your bigger name pet stores on the outskirts of town. And, if you are interested in adopting a new pet, the Bloomington Animal Shelter is just the place you need! My doggy loves Bloomington, and I’m sure yours will too!