Life in Bloomington

Hey friends… I hope things are well in your world. My life is CRAZY right now, but I’m very excited. Why? The answer… spring is in the air. Yesterday the temperature was in the 60s and I absolutely loved it. (Side note: I’m a Texan so sub 50 temperatures are very cold in my book.)  Anyway with spring comes to important things. The first is the trees and flowers begin to bloom, and the earth becomes green and lush again. This city is absolutely beautiful. The second and more important event is my birthday! This year is special as I will eclipse the big three “o”.  So this year I have created a list of 30 things to do before 30. The first was to see a live music show in Bloomington. This of course brings me to my FREE TIP OF THE DAY. Today’s tip is should you decide to come to Bloomington take advantage of the live music scene. The city fosters a great live music scene with several great venues (see The Bluebird, Buskirk Chumley, and Jake’s). This past weekend I went and saw my friend’s band three story hill. They were awesome!!! Check out the clip below.

PS – Stay tune bloggers I’m contemplating sharing my list to see what you all think.