Hey friends… I’m back on the scene like Mean Joe Green. Trying to make the green with flows unseen… I hope you enjoyed my rhymes. When I get excited my friends and I like to do spontaneous cyphers (think Eminem in 8 Mile, but far less talented). I know you’re all thinking thinking “don’t give up the day job,” and you are probably right so I won’t.  But I wanted to have a little fun during this last week of classes. I’m very excited because summer is approaching and that means in a few months I will see some of your faces on campus and I cannot wait. The end of the semester can be a stressful time, but this year I hasn’t been too stressful. I think I may have hit my stride as a grad student. So in this short post I just wanted to hit you with my wonderful FREE TIP OF THE DAY. Today’s tip is simply don’t forget to have fun. This week will be full of opportunities to kick back and relax. Graduate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO) is having some great events this week like karaoke at the Bluebird and an all out bash at The Farm. I will update this post later on this week with pictures from the event. Until then friends be good to yourselves and each other. PEACE!

UPDATE 4/29/12

I didn’t take pictures at the Grad Bash or Karaoke, but I did record my friend Seth playing the Saxophone at the 40th Annual Soul Revue Concert. The footage isn’t the best but the solo rocks. He’s playing This is a man’s world by James Brown