IU’s iPhone App

The IU technology team has developed an iPhone app called “IU Mobile”, which is a very information-rich tool. They are currently working on the Blackberry version so more people can access this great app.

This app allows you to browse the campus maps, academic and cultural events around campus, check to see if there are empty seats in the many computer labs located throughout the campus, look up people’s contact information, and track the five campus bus routes in real-time, and so much more! Let me show you some examples.

If you have any questions you can’t find answers for, you can access the IU Knowledge Base through this app too. For instance, you are driving to Bloomington for an interview, you want to find out the parking situations for visitors, just type in parking into the Knowledge Base, and it returns exactly what you are looking for. This is also available at kb.iu.edu.

The app is also constantly being updated. For the upcoming Arts Week, it added an additional entry for this event, with detailed information that you can access at your finger tip.