It’s summer time :)

When the spring semester ends, all students get so exited about the upcoming summer which is incredibly awesome… no class, no assignment, no deadlines…yayyyyyy… On the last day of the class, we ask each other “What gonna you do in the summer”. It is fascinating to hear my classmates’ plan with innumerable attractive destinations: Japan, Europe, DC, Texas, Boston, New York…Everyone has their own summer plan and for me, “I take internship in an organization in California”…Two great things in one summer: California + Internship. California offers the amazing weather (AC is definitely not needed) with numerous landmarks to explore…San Jose, San Mateo, Monterey, Saratoga, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas…I spend every single weekend to travel to a new place and meet with many great friends. I also join to various community activities, visit temples and practice Zen…Trying new things, seeing new places…are definitely the key to refresh anyone (including me) after a heavy semester at school.

Since my concentration at school is Nonprofit Management + International Development, working fulltime at the nonprofit organization offers me the practical training for my career in the nonprofit sector. I work with communication and fundraising department. My main assignments are to raise funds for development projects in Vietnam. Through the internship, I am aware of the significance of individual givings in the US and deeply acknowledge the importance of individual relationships as the key for fundraising success. Given the American cultural context, lots of typical practices in the nonprofit area are approached and they give me a comparative view of the sector between the US and Vietnam. My colleagues especially the executive directors are the great sources of knowledge and information sharing. Life is just amazing when we throw us out there, broaden our contacts, make friends and most important, have fun! And the organization that we do internship always has high potentials to offer us a job upon the graduation. Overall, a well planned summer will be a great summer 🙂