PSA: Study Hard

Welcome back friends! It is a new year and I’m back blogging as an emissary again. To my returning subscribers you know the rules to the game, but just in case you are new to my blog let me give you all a quick rundown:

The first rule of my emissary blog post: Do not talk about Emissary Fight Club. The second rule of Emissary blog. Do not talk about Emissary Fight Club. The first (and only) rule of my emissary blog come by and see me twice a month for fun and educational insights on life as a graduate student at IU. As a bonus each post I provide sage wisdom in the form of my FREE TIP OF THE DAY. 

So to get the school year started off right here is your FREE TIP OF THE DAY in video form. And remember to study hard… cause closed books don’t get read on the boulevard [not funny? watch the video and you’ll get it].

Big ups to Workshop Houston* for empowering local youth to make positive music.

*Both the song and video were both produced and recorded by students enrolled in Workshop Houston.