5 Reasons I love the BFM

After avoiding the hot and humid Saturdays outdoors these last several weeks,  I realized I was punishing myself by not going to the Farmer’s Market.  Once there I remembered why I love the farmers market.

1)   Fun, quirky music you can hear from block’s away.

2)   Yummy assortment of food, from gourmet tamales, to crepes to Italian soda!

Photo: Feast http://www.feastcateringonline.com/tamales.html

3)   Vibrant colors, and smells….build your own bouquet of flowers or follow your nose to the smell of fresh cut lavender

4)   Charlie the parrot!  A parrot that dances to the tunes played by a man and his ukulele.

5)   And finalement, the fresh produce!    Personally, I’m always inspired to go home and cook after meeting and chatting with the people who spent time, energy, and care for the food I’m about to prepare.

Summer is over, and Saturday morning are cooler. So if you haven’t been to the BFM, check it out, eat something and savor the tastes, colors, and smells.