Marhaba Y’all!!

This semester, I am diving head first into new territory:  Arabic.  Well, I should not say new territory.  As an undergraduate, I studied abroad in Dubai for one semester.  During this time, I studied Arabic, but did not retain much after my return stateside.  A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to revamp my Arabic studies, but did not know when I would have the time.  I was just starting my coursework, and did not have the time nor mental energy to place on learning a new language.  So, I waited…and waited…and waited…and now the time has arrived.

Studying a foreign language as a graduate student has been very different from my experiences as an undergraduate.  As a first-year, I did not see myself traveling abroad.  I had no connection to the language.  However, now, I see the importance of being multi-lingual.  Communication is a very powerful tool, and vital to being /becoming a global citizen.

I am just in the first few weeks of study, but I can honestly say that choosing to study a foreign language in graduate school has been one of my best decisions.  It is a lot of work. Somedays are great…others, not so great.  However, I keep trying.  I enjoy going to class everyday (yes, I have a class that meets Monday through Friday), but I love every minute of it.  If you get the chance to study a foreign language, take it!  You will not regret it.

Ma’as salaama!  (Good-bye!)