Color Run! And jogging around Bloomington…

Starting line at the Jill Behrman 5k – photo from IU Rec Sports

Last weekend I participated in my first ever organized run – the Jill Behrman 5k. It’s an annual race in honor of an IU student who was killed in 2000, and it is part of a variety of activities that raise awareness about assault, teach self-defense, and raise money for a scholarship fund. This year the event was a color run – meaning at every mile mark you were showered in powdery dye, with a sort of color free-for-all at the very end.

An explosion of yellow as runners unleash extra dye packets at the end.

I had an amazing time! The 5k was a great motivator to get me jogging regularly, and everyone’s positive energy on race day made for a wonderful experience. The race wasn’t timed, and it really seemed to be more about community, health, and fun than competition.

Roommate, husband, and me. If only we could always get our exercise this way!

Now that I’ve experienced one, I’m eager to participate in other races around Bloomington – and there are a lot! Almost every weekend you can find a way to get active. Here’s a sample:

In the spring (date to be determined) you can run a 5k at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Indiana. Run alongside the tigers? Count me in for that. And if you’re a serious runner who wants to know more about what Bloomington has to offer, check out this article from Runner’s World Magazine.