Studying and Sustenance

You may have heard that Bloomington has a fantastic restaurant selection, and it’s true. However, we students often don’t have time to sit down a leisurely lunch, so today I’m going to highlight some of my favorite places to grab a quick bite near campus. Here’s a map to get you oriented…

#1 – Bloomingfoods Co-op

To get to the Co-op, head down the alley on Kirkwood next to Tracks. Careful! It’s easy to miss.

Bloomingfoods is a cooperatively owned grocery store that specializes in organic food. They have several locations, including this smaller store right near campus. They have a soup and salad bar, sandwiches made to order, coffee, pastries, and pre-made items that you can grab and go. Very convenient!

Interior of Bloomingfoods, photo taken by me

#2 Sweet Claire (no same-name bias here!)

Sweet Claire’s on 3rd Street

I love this place for several reasons – great iced tea, great sandwiches (with vegetarian options), quiet atmosphere, and free wi-fi. It’s location on busy 3rd Street means that many people zoom right by it, especially since parking is hidden in back. But it’s an easy walk from campus, and a good place to either take a study break or bring your laptop and get some work done.

#3 – City Bakery

The City Bakery, tucked into the corner next to Bear’s Place

City Bakery is also easy to miss because it’s a tiny corner shop, but once you’ve discovered it you won’t forget it. The pastries – some sweet, some savory – are made from scratch every day, and they are delicious.

Spinach feta croissant? A chocolate chip scone with hints of orange?

Maybe it’s not the healthiest place to grab a snack, but their prices are very reasonable. And you can even get a super-speedy breakfast of eggs and toast – they steam their eggs with the wand on the espresso machine. If that sounds crazy, you’ll just have to go and see!