CV vs Resume: Let’s get ready to rumble!

When it comes to resumes go big or go home!
*Photo taken by Steven L

Hello my faithful bloggers or random perspective student who just happened upon my page šŸ˜‰ [ Sidenote – I know the smileys may be played out but I love them!!!] Ok today the FTOD is coming at you hard and fast. My associates and I are discussing CVs and Resumes.

To be honestā€¦ two years ago before I started this PhD program at IU, I couldnā€™t have told you the difference between the two or why they are important. But now being a veteran grad student I can layout a couple of the major differences so here goes.

First with CVs. In general CVs are prepared for academic or research jobs. They are complete index that highlights all of your academic achievements. They can be as short as 5 pages, or as many as 35 depending on the productivity of the scholar or researcher. Currently my CV is 5 pages, but Iā€™m working on it. For CVs in general, the longer the better.

Finally Resumesā€¦ unlike CVs resumes are geared toward administrative and business professional positions. Unlike CVs they are short, usually 1 or 2 pages, and they emphasize professional experience.

I will end with my FTOD. Which is make use of your institutions Career Services. They are paid to help you with making CVs and Resumes. Take advantage of it. Until next time.