Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a tradition of ours to always have a small Thanksgiving dinner for all those who are far from home away from family and friends during the holidays. The dinners often consist of an eclectic group of friends and acquaintances both domestic and international graduate students spanning across nearly a dozen academic disciplines. We also encourage a cultural potluck where people bring cuisine from different cultures to share with others. Food aplenty, good music in the air and libations flowing makes for an unforgettable night. Numerous interdisciplinary collaborations have sprang forth from these social events aimed to both entertain and as an opportunity to network outside the academic setting. Techniques and tool that a researcher use in his or her specific discipline can be very well applied to another completely different field with profound results. Good times!

Corn & black bean quinoa, 5-cheese mac, garlic bacon mash, collard greens, grilled chicken, and cast-iron rib-eye steaks. All homemade, enough said. Photo by Rashid Williams-Garcia.

Our large vinyl collection sure came in handy for the event. Can you guess what’s playing? Photo by Rashid Williams-Garcia.