Prepping the Right Package

Packaging yourself as a applicant can be a very tricky job. Seeing that I like to bake, I compare the graduate application to a recipe. Some items (i.e. vanilla extract) can be added to taste. Other things (i.e. baking powder or baking soda) have to have added according to the recipe. The same goes for your application. It truly depends on the culture of the program. So, here are some things that I would recommend as you prepare to complete and submit your applications.

*Read the instructions. This seems pretty simple, right? Well this can be a very tricky thing for applicants. Sometimes programs want recommendation letters via email or are sticklers for having them mailed directly to the department.

*Know your deadlines. Make sure that you have your application deadlines posted. You want to make sure that you have the strongest application possible. This can’t be done when you are rushing to write your essays.

*Proofread your essays and personal statements. I don’t think I need to explain this tip.

*Only supplement when it is welcomed. You want to put your foot forward, but do you don’t want to be the person who added five extra items to their application.

I hope that this helps…now get those applications done!!