What to do while waiting on the admission decision?

So, you clicked the “Submit” button for your online application. You mailed all your application documents to the mailing address as required. You have done all necessary stuffs to complete your application. Congrats!!! Now all you have to do is to wait on the admission result. It does not sound fun at all 😉 I would say the worst thing to do in this case is to count every day and wait. The admission board holds the absolute power on the admission decision and…what will be will be 🙂 It might probably be better and healthier if you temporarily forget the application decision in a while and give yourself sometime to relax.

Also, while keeping your hope high for the application result, it is important to prepare yourself for the rejection decision from the board. I used to have a real hard time dealing with the rejection letter. I did not know how to handle it since I firmly believed that I had a great chance to get in the program. I was very sad, disappointed and discouraged…After all, I realized that I should prepare myself to be rejected from the first moment I decided to apply for the program. It is ok to be rejected and it is always important to move on after all. The possibility to get the admission or rejection letter is always 50/50. So, what to do while waiting on the admission result? Relax, enjoy yourself and treat yourself very nice since you deserve it.