Customized Victory

The Resume’ v. C.V. debate simplified.

Much has been offered on the merits, uses, and differences between resume’s and curriculum vitae; in fact, the coverage currently on this blog provides an amplified version of the Resume’ v. CV debates. I will take another route and present my perspective of resume’s and CV, this version can be aptly considered the simplified version: no diagrams, no pictures, no filler.

Resume’: “though we have only met once, this enlarged business card may remind you at least of my name”

CV: “Please allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is HOVE!”

The resume’ to me simply allows a prospective employer to remember your name and possibly a little background information such as your school, academic program, and/or your most recent job(s). It does little to make a difference in the big scheme of things, but does allow for your name not to be forgotten, like exchanging nametags at a conference or business cards at a networking event.
The CV on the other hand provides one with the opportunity to present themselves faultless, without stuttering, sweating, a loose handshake, or a crooked tie/wrinkled blouse. While the resume gets a foot in the door, the CV puts one’s whole body (body of work) in front of the reader. While one’s style (attire, tone of voice, demeanor, and overall swag) may be communicated to an employer or graduate program recruiter in a conference career fair, one presents their substance through actual conversation with the recruiter, and that is what seal’s the deal. One’s resume’ is like style, it could serve to attract or distract. One’s CV, however, is equivalent to one’s substance, a CV reopens the conversation without you even being present.
In the game of getting funding, a job, or accepted into a gradaute program, a resume’ is you saying “hey, remember me” in hopes that if the recruiter remembers you, then you will have a chance of being picked. The CV, on the other hand, is your way to customize your victory, to align what you have done to what that company or program aims to accomplish, to fit your piece exactly into the jigsaw puzzle of their enrollment goals.
Resume – you may remember me, and thus I have a chance to win
CV – here I am, choosing me is definitely a win for you
Giving someone your resume in today’s job market is like buying a powerball lottery ticket.
Giving them your CV is Customizing your own Victory. The CV allows you to establish how you want to be remembered and where you want to be placed in the research lab, graduate program cohort, or new job.