Finalizing the application

If you are planning on matriculating as a graduate student next fall, you’ve done your research, prepared application materials and close to hitting the submit button.    The following are some final checklist reminders:

  1. Finalize Personal Statement; make sure it has been reviewed by various people (career counselor, faculty member, etc.).
  2. Complete Applications. Make sure all sections have been completed and that you’ve followed directions; if they asked for two letter of recommendation, don’t send more.
  3. Submit request for official transcripts.  Most institutions require 10 business days or about 2 weeks to send official transcripts. So make sure you process your transcript before the admissions deadline.
  4. Check and recheck that you have all required components.
  5. Continue to research financial aid opportunities (assistantships on campus, scholarships, fellowships, etc.)
  6. Stay positive.

-Bonne Chance!