One of my few addictions indulgences in life is coffee.  I don’t drink it for the caffeine but for the taste and the memory that I have with coffee.  As a little girl I would visit my grandmother in the afternoons, where I would find her in her ritual of getting her chimney fired up for her evening coffee. While my café con leche was more like a leche with a drop of cafe I felt so grown up.

Today, while the ritual is not so enchanting, I do wake up looking forward to the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the aftertaste that will linger on my palate.  Luckily for me, Bloomington has a variety of places I can go and indulge in coffee and a little more…

Soma:  Just recently won Bloomington’s Best coffee award.  The atmosphere is cozy-eclectic with a Bloomington character.

Blue Boy Chocolatier:  The place is rather small, but perfect for a lazy afternoon of people watching.  They are also well known for their decadent cupcakes, chocolates and other gourmet sweets.  My personal favorite, the dulce de leche cupcake.

 Runcible Spoon: The spoon was first opened in 1976 and is known for roasting their own beans. Here you can’t wrong with a café mocha to go with your breakfast (check out their menu).

So whether you are a coffee addict or the occasional latte drinker, there are plenty of places to get your buzz going in Btown. The ones mentioned above are just a few of my favorites.