Graduate School? Talk to _____

Indiana University Bloomington (from

There are some who already knew what they were going to do when they started their undergraduate career.  It took me, however, until my senior year.  Many of my fellow classmates were frantically going to job interviews, and I reluctantly went to a few, not knowing what my actual passion was.

It was not until I made a list of what was most important to me that I figured that graduate school should be on the list.  My family and friends always asked me what I wanted to do, and I always said, “I want to be in politics, but in the part of politics that actually does stuff, basically the behind-the-scenes or nuts-and-bolts of government.”  I didn’t think I learned what I needed to do well in a job that had those qualities and further studying just seemed so logical.

I figured out what future job positions that I might situate myself in and found out that most had some kind of M.B.A. or M.P.P. that they pursued.  Talking with a wide variety of people, I came to the conclusion that both didn’t interest me too much because I didn’t want to become an entrepreneur, and I wanted something more task-oriented than an M.P.P.  What I eventually landed upon was an M.P.A. which I’ve never heard about until I talked to my cousin.

Coming from someone who just a year ago, graduated from undergrad, information will be your best friend.  Do not feel shy about approaching your family, friends, and professors and asking them what they recommend and/or any other resources that they have.  It is your life and your decision, quite frankly, will determine your future.  Narrow down what you consider a dream job, figure out if graduate school is needed to attain that, then pick the school which ‘jives’ with you the most.  This may not be the best strategy for some, but it worked for me, and hopefully it’ll help you.